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God's Work Through The Grace Foundation


Crop Drop 2014

Some 400 volunteers cheered Saturday as a truck carrying 40,000 pounds of replacement sweet potatoes pulled into Grace Lutheran Church’s parking lot.  The Grace Foundation of Destin was a sponsor of the event.  All in all, about 80,000 pounds of produce was bagged up for local charities to distribute to 6,000 needy families from Panama City to Pensacola. “Roughly 20,000 people will be fed,” said Tara Hearn, community coordinator for Thrivent Financial’s Emerald Coast Group. “It’s our way of living generously and giving back.”

Water Purification System in Dumpsite Village in the Phillipines

"A big thank you to the Grace Foundation of Destin.  For the first time the residents of Dumpsite Village, Phillipines are enjoying clean water without walking 3 to 4 miles and then boiling before use.  The Village now has a water purification system which was made possible by the grant from the Grace Foundation of Destin."

Crop Drop 2013

Thrivent Financial and The Grace Foundation of Destin sponsored the 5th Annual Crop Drop.  About 40,000 pounds of potatoes, 15,000 pounds of corn, 15,000 pounds of cucumbers and 10,000 pounds of watermelons were sorted, packaged, and delivered.  Over 300 volunteers packaged about 80,000 pounds of produce.  The produce was distributed to over 60 food agencies spanning 4 counties.

New Blue Home

Jessie Casaliav, 24, and his wife Melody, 21, lived in this house in Galilee in the Phillipines with their children, Mark Lester, 3, and Xian, 2 months. Thanks to a grant from The Grace Foundation in Destin the Casaliav family now lives in a new blue home.  The home was made possible throughh Mission Love Seeds and a grant from The Grace Foundation of Destin. 

Mission Love Seeds

"With God's help and support of the Grace Foundation, we are excited to report the kids and families in Bondo will be blessed with clean drinking water."


The well was hand dug to 66 feet so that the people of the village would not have to walk a long distance to get clean drinkging water.


From: John Hawbaker, Mission Love Seeds, 2015

Food for Thought

"Earlier this year, the Grace Foundation granted Food For Thought Outreach, Inc. These dollars were directed to support the demands of our backpack program.  With 700 students now in our program that is 40,000 food items going out every month and at least 85,000 meals provided during this school year for children who would otherwise not be able to eat. The money we received from your foundation supported over 1,400 backpacks providing over 4,000 meals!"  


From: Tiffany Shelton, Founder Food For Thought Outreach, November 2014.

Youth Village

"On behalf of the children of Youth Village and their families, I thank you and The Grace Foundation of Destin for your donation to provide scholarships to our low-income families. The majority of the children in our program come from low-income single-parent households and they can use all the help they can get.


This year celebrates our 15th year of serving the children of our community! We used the funds donated by the Grace Foundation of Destin to provide several full and partial scholarships to our summer camp. We provided 2 full scholarships to 2 families and 4 partial scholarships to 4 families.  What a blessing!"


From: Nellie Bogar, Founder Youth Village, October 2014 

Church of Galilee 

The Church of Galilee in the Phillipines was built with a grant from The Grace Foundation of Destin.

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