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God's Work Through The Grace Foundation


 Grace Lutheran Church VBS

"Grace Lutheran Church VBS this year was the most attended Grace has ever seen. We had 161 kids total registered, about 140 on any given day.  Grace Foundation enabled us to purchase all the decorating material, educational material, snacks, and shirts for the kids and adults.  The goal of VBS is always to educate children about Christ and what He has done for them. The rest is just extra. The grant enabled VBS to go off without any issues, thus making it possible for the Gospel of Christ to shine through as clearly as possible. Now all we do is pray that the Lord works faith in the hearts of the kids who attended, and hopefully their families as well."

God’s blessings to you!

Pastor Logan, July 2017

Asha Mission 

"The new year started well at Asha.  The funds from the grant helped enable us to purchase the uniforms and the books for the students as well as pay the enrollment fees.  The children love learning and continue to do extremely well in their classes; they represent Asha well. The picture attached is of the children in Delhi wearing their summer uniforms. 


Thank you so much for the grant funds to help make sure we would be able to continue taking care of the school expenses this year.  It has been a hard year for Asha but with God's grace and power, we are able to do mighty things."


In the service of the King of Kings,

Pastor Babu, 2017

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