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Mission Statement



To the honor of Jesus Christ, The Grace Foundation of Destin seeks to extend
the healing and hope of Jesus through Grace Lutheran Church to our community
and beyond, helping those in need wherever they may be found.

Board of Trustees



The Board of Trustees is comprised of Grace Lutheran Church members.  The primary role for the Grace Foundation is to seek out individuals and organizations who are doing God’s will with limited resources, and who support Christian faith values, giving all the glory to God.  
The Board of Trustees are actively engaged in evaluating Grant requests as champions for the individuals and entities applying for Grant consideration, and for governance of the Foundation.

Trustees of the Grace Foundation

Pastor Kevin Wendt
Greg Schilling
Mike Wind
Dieter Landsberger
Darlane Landsberger
Kay Royston
Cindy Theriault
Lola Wuerffel
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