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Fall 2015 Grants Awarded

The Grace Foundation of Destin Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that $12,836 in Grants were awarded for the Fall 2015 Grant cycle. 


There were a total of seven (7) Grants awarded for local and regional initiatives.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Okaloosa/Walton


The grant will be used to support a program to teach area coaches what being a 3Dimensional Coach means. By completing this academy, coaches will become more transformational in the lives of their players by learning to coach in all three dimensions from a faith-based perspective.

Grace Lutheran Church Music Grant


The Grant will be for individual music grants. the Grace Foundation has established a Music Grant to both support young singers and musicians, and to enhance the praise and worship ministry of Grace Lutheran Church.

Evergreen Lutheran Church


They will use the Grant to fund a significant shortfall of funds, assisting in school progams and for upkeep of the school and church.  This grant is part of an 18-month commitment by the Grace Foundation to support the school.

Clarkston Student Ministries


The grant will be use to assist with the costs of a summer employment/discipleship program. The summer employment training program invests in students by giving then access to employment mentorships as they work within the context of the youth program.

Crop Drop 2015


The grant was used to support Crop Drop 2015 on November 21, 2015. Approximately 80,000 pounds of produce was sorted, bagged, and delivered to over 50 different agencies in the Okaloosa, Walton, and Santa Rosa Counties. There were 6,000 families/24,000 individuals who benefitted from this effort. 

Children in Crisis


The grant will be used for a project

geared towards the “House Dad’s”

and the young men in their care.  The hope is that the young men will take these lessons and learn how to be loving, kind, and that they can break the cycle in their lives that have caused them to come into the care of Children in Crisis.




Mothers of Preschooolers
MOPS at Grace Lutheran Church


The grant will be used to pay child care costs and other operating expenses, such as crafts, food, and membership renewal. The MOPS group welcomes young mothers and shows them the love of Jesus and helps them understand their God-given gift of Motherhood through fellowship and breakfast, devotion led by the Pastor, and a meaningful craft.

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